Hello, I am Paul - this is my picture.
Hello, my name is Paul T. Huntsberger but you can call me Paully. I live in Denver, Colorado and work as a lead developer at 303 Software. Keep scrolling to see more!
The background you are looking at is made from Scalable Vector Graphic Polygons. This is programmed via javascript. I call it "Dreamcoat". It's favorite color is green. to randomize the colors!

Responsive Design

This site has been built with bootstrap, which is my favorite responsive framework!

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Ironically, parallax only goes so far on mobile...

Laravel 4.1

I use a number of frameworks and content management systems, but my favorite so far is Laravel.

Laravel is easy to use, I love that it uses Composer!

I made these pages very quickly, and Laravel even works with Hip Hop VM!

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To keep pages faster, and retain the ability to modularize javascript I use requireJS.

Right now, as you loaded this page, "init.js" took over, and your browser asynchronously loaded Jquery, Skrollr, Bootstrap JS and my little App Helper file. All without any real sacrifice in load time.

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The animation transitions you are seeing when you scroll, is referred to a "Parallax"

I have tried a lot of parallax plug-ins, but I like using skrollr a lot, as it simplifies the process of making animations. All I did was load skrollr, and play around with it!

Check out Skrollr

AWS Web Services

This web-site is powered by Amazon Web Services.

Specifically, I am using:

  1. A free "micro" instance
  2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (patched for heartbleed)
  3. PHP 5.4
  4. Varnish Cache
Here are a few web-sites that I have worked with in the last year.
  • http://redrocksonline.com/

    Redrocks Online

    Redrocks Amphitheater is a premier concert destination, not only in Colorado but for the world!

    I helped with development, deployment and for the first time their website can handle tens of thousands of visitors an hour.

  • http://amazingribs.com/

    Amazing Ribs

    With over 12+ million unique visitors a year, amazingribs is the place to find information on smoking, smokers and yes ribs.

    Meathead, Jim and his crew needed some help to make their site faster and fix their SEO. They had great search rankings, but I was lucky enough to be able to tweak some of their site and get their rankings higher. Make a search for brisket!

  • https://esign.denvergov.org/

    Esign Online Petitions

    It does not look like a lot from the outside, but on the inside Esign is a custom single page app built on laravel and angular js.

    This project was recently nominated for an outstanding achievement award.

    Check out this article on our app!

I am not just a web developer! I am a husband, father, musician and a good guy!